ball mastery

ATA's 8-week ball mastery training program follows an age specific curriculum with three stages—developmental, experienced and advanced—tailored by age and ability. The club's goal is to develop the player's technical foundation and its application in game situations. Through technical repetition and small-sided activities each player will maximize the number of touches on the ball while remaining engaged with clear physical, mental, tactical and technical objectives.

Location: Barrett Field
Training Sessions: 8  weeks/Monday's
Time: 5:30-7:00pm (90 minutes)
Ages: Girls U8-U12
Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Cost: $210
First Time Participant Discount: $10 off
Returning Participants: $15 off
Sibling Discount: $25 off on second child
Start Date: Monday, August 31st
No Training: Monday, September 7th (Labor Day)
End Date: Monday, October 26th
Meraki T-shirt included

optional seasonal package

Fall & Spring: $345 ($75 off)
*Seasonal package includes a $35 loyalty coupon for any ATA winter program
**offer ends August 30th