goalkeeper training

(ages 10-14)


Goalkeeping is considered an art. The great ones paint a perfect picture for their team to follow. They are the speakers who influence creativity in their players, develop the game from a  different view; a well-rounded blend of those who share a "keeper/sweeper" mentality. Goalies that dominate their third of the field intelligently enough, envision the game two plays ahead and act on quick.  The courageous few  put their bodies on the line and understand the physical nature of becoming successful in their line of defense. That defense will win championships.  As most live to score goals in this sport, here, we live to deny them.  

Meraki F.C. Goalkeeper program provides a professional training environment that is consistent with the physical and psychological demands of the game. We aim to develop and refine footwork, mobility, flexibility, agility, reaction-speed, and eye/foot coordination that will help youth goalkeepers learn the technical details of the position while practicing proper techniques and tactics of the position.

LocationBarrett Field
Training Sessions: 8  weeks/Friday's
Time: 6:00-7:30pm
Ages: U8-U12
Cost: $175
Sibling Discount: $15 off on second child
Start Date: Friday, September 4th
End Date: Friday, October 7th
Meraki T-shirt Included 

*Please inquire about Goalkeeping Assessment and Highlight Videos*