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Meraki FC shares a unique and exclusive experience of the beautiful game. we are committed to ensuring fun and enjoyable training programs through quality coaching and care. our coaching staff is focused and united in providing the highest standard of training so as to enable youth players to translate their newfound knowledge and skill-sets into positive outcomes on and off the field.

little munchkins

(ages 4-6)

Meraki F.C. Little Munchkins is an exciting introduction to the beautiful game. Our program is designed to teach children the basic fundamentals of dribbling, shooting and passing through a series of fun games and small-sided activities that improve motor-skills, coordination, motivation, self-confidence and self-respect. We encourage all our players, starting from the grass root level, to fall in love with the ball.


Ball Mastery

(Ages U8-U12)

Our Ball Mastery is  high-level training designed for the dedicated soccer player who wants to sharpen their skill and improve confidence on the ball. Each session provides the most positive, mistake tolerant training environment with clear learning objectives and challenging progressions, Allowing players the opportunity to experiment without fear of failing. Mental strength training exercises will be included.


Shooting & Finishing

(Ages 9-14)

Our shooting and finishing training is a unique program that focuses on the most exciting aspect of the game—the art of finishing. This is not only tailored for forwards; but also for players looking to become a game changer. Customizing game-like scenarios and high-risk situations in and around the penalty area offers players a variety of ways to create chances, develop a scoring prowess and capitalize on opportunities. Our curriculum not only focuses on the technical and tactical pillars of the game, but also the mental side. Learning and practicing mental skills strengthens the ability to control thoughts, emotions and performance in pressured situations.

Each player will be sent a video assessment at the end of the program. Video assessment engages players’ interest to look more closely at their performance and technique.  This is an effective learning tool to improve self-assessment, good practice and training outcomes.

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goalkeeper training

(Ages 10-14)

Meraki F.C. Goalkeeper program provides a professional training environment that is consistent with the physical and psychological demands of the game. We aim to develop and refine footwork, mobility, flexibility, agility, reaction-speed, and eye/foot coordination that will help youth goalkeepers learn the technical details of the position while practicing proper techniques and tactics of the position.