Parents are a vital component in teaching life lessons and setting positive examples from which our players can learn. MFC's focus is not only to teach proper skill and technique to our players, but also to instill strength of character through teamwork, community service and self-awareness. Parental support on the sideline and guidance at home are valuable and necessary assets to your child's pursuit of growth and development as a player and person. In keeping with the values of this club, all players must acknowledge and uphold the Meraki F.C. Standard of Excellence, both on and off the field.

The goal at MFC is to develop the person as well as the player by teaching our young generation integrity, respect, loyalty, kindness, character, and discipline are the keys to a happy and successful life.

 Meraki F.C. looks forward to inspiring children to play and to live with passion, purpose and joy.

Be well,

Anthony Flores

Founder of Meraki F.C.